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FUMA Contemporary Tokyo | BUNKYO ART


2024/01/20 Sat. - 2024/02/03 Sat.
12:00 - 19:00
日月祝休 | Closed on Sun., Mon. and national holidays

FUMA Contemporary Tokyo|文京アートは、2024年の初の展覧会として「アビタシオン」を開催いたします。本展では家や建築物をテーマにし、取扱い作家9名による、1950年代から2024年に制作された作品を展示いたします。



【会場】 FUMA Contemporary Tokyo|文京アート


FUMA Contemporary Tokyo|BUNKYO ART is pleased to present "Habitation" as our first exhibition of 2024. The exhibition will feature works based on the theme of houses and architectures, created by nine artists from the 1950s to 2024.
Hiroshi Nakamura is famous for his series of paintings in which he expresses the spatiality and time axis of inside and outside of a painting in two dimensions through windows painted inside the canvas. Air-raid shelters, houses, and churches often appear in Jiro Oyamada's works, which depict the fatal karma of human beings. Kohei Yamada will present new works based on Le Corbusier's famous buildings, the "Unite d'habitation" and the "Savoir Villa", expressing a Buddhist view of life. Ryota Nishioka is an artist who expresses futuristic urban spaces with superb skill. He uses perspective to depict the theme, "What if architecture could solve the problems we face today, such as population growth and destruction of nature?" by painting structures in a theoretically constructible way. Through the theme of the house and architecture, we hope that you could look at the changes and challenges of the times, society and the individual, and the family as a small collective body.

*A portion of sales from the exhibition will be donated to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief Fund.

Artists:Jiro OyamadaKuniyoshi KanekoKey Hiraga, Hiroshi Nakamura, Tadashi Kawamata, Ayako KitaYaeko SuzukiRyota NishiokaKohei Yamada, Shiori Eda

[Venue] FUMA Contemporary Tokyo | BUNKYO ART

[List of Exhibiting Works]

金子國義 | 花咲く乙女たち4 | 1966
Kuniyoshi Kaneko | Blooming ladies 4 | 1966
平賀敬 | THE ELEGANT LIFE OF Mr.H No.11 | 1968
Key Hiraga | THE ELEGANT LIFE OF Mr.H No.11| 1968
山田航平 | 火宅無常ワールド (ユニテ) | 2023
Kohei Yamada | KATAKU MUJO World (Unite) | 2023
西岡良太 | sin forest Ⅴ| 2022
Ryota Nishioka | sin forest V | 2022
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