FUMA Contemporary Tokyo | BUNKYO ART
西岡良太 展
会期 : 7.28 tue - 8.12 wed
休廊日:8/2, 3, 9, 10
時間:12:00 - 19:00

Ryota NISHIOKA Exhibition
July 28th (tue) to Aug. 12th (wed)
Opening hours: Open 12:00-19:00 
Closed on mondays and sundays
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I think my expression in my works is totally different than the so-called "realistic expression." The reason is that it is difficult for humans to observe the true world exactly. I would interpret it and phenomena as liberally as possible, just as we recognize the results obtained by approximate estimation process as being almost real. First of all, in the draft stage of my work, I set to work of making a fictitious complex structure by perspective drawing method. It is the method of creating objects in the virtual world rather than drawing substantials as they are, as in a realistic representation.
Basically, there are two types of processes for making shadows on structures in my work. In the first type, using acrylic paint and a brush, paint is divided into three levels of brightness considering only the positional relationship between the light source and the object. In the second type, airbrush and color inks are used to add a soft shade effect while considering how much the objects are shielded from each other. By dividing and processing linear ray tracing and light diffusion due to mutual reflection, complex light behavior is reproduced. Also, when I look directly at a powerful light source or a secondary light source in the true world, I see a phenomenon in which light overflows from a bright part to a dark part. I use a technique called "glare effect", which represents psychological glare by reproducing this phenomenon using an airbrush as expression of light.
What I have in common in my expression method is the concept of "approximate" and "pseudo", and they are different in essence from "realistic." I think that my act of redefining objects and phenomena according to my own circumstances and constructing a virtual world is very similar to the behavioral principle of human beings who conveniently modify the natural environment in the real world and construct huge buildings one after another.



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