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鶴岡 政男

1907Born in Takasaki City, Japan
1921Attended Hongo Koto Elementary School, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
1922Enrolled at Taihei Yogakai Institute
1922Began friendship with Chozaburo Inoue, Aimitsu, and other artists
1929Established Kogenkai
1937Married Moto Kudo
1943Established Emerging Artists Party: Aimitsu, Saburo Aso, Wasaburo Itozono, Chozaburo Inoue, Goro Oono, Masaaki Terada, and Shunsuke Matsumoto
1945His Shitaya house was burned in an air raid; lost almost all of his works
1947Enrolled in the Association of Independent Liberal Arts, and became a member
1961Appeared on the Tokyo Television (current TBS) show Art Salon
1979Published the book Masao Tsuruoka’s Pastel Colors by Fuma Gallery, Tokyo
1979Died of cancer

Retrospective Exhibition

2007100 Year Anniversary Exhibition - Enthusiastic Play,- Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Japan
2007100 Year Anniversary Exhibition - Loving People and Laughing People,- The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura, Japan
1990Exhibition of Masao Tsuruoka’s Drawing World, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan
1979Post-war Western Drawings for Unique Talented Artists - Masao Tsuruoka’s Whole Story,- The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan

Exhibitions at FUMA Contemporary Tokyo | BUNKYO ART

2007100 Year Anniversary Exhibition: the 40s and the ‘60s
2004Retrospective Exhibition: Oil Paintings and Sculptures, after 25 years of Masao Tsuruoka’s death: the 40s and the 60s
2002Tatsuo Ikeda and Masao Tsuruoka drawing on papers: the 50s and the 60s
2001Pastel Color Exhibition after 22 years of Masao Tsuruoka’s death: the 60s
1998Pastel Color Exhibition: the 60s
1993Masao Tsuruoka Exhibition: the 40s and the 60s
1989Three Persons Exhibition - Eikyu, Masao Tsuruoka, Chonan Yamaguchi