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12月11日~12月25日の期間中、個展会場(FUMA Contemporary Tokyo | 日・月休)または、メールでご応募頂きましたお客様の中から、抽選で作品を販売させていただきます。
2022年1月15日までにご当選者のみにご連絡させていただきます。 ご希望の方にはプライスリストをお送りいたします。メールでお問い合わせください。

We are pleased to announce that we will be selling Ayako Kita’s work by lottery from 11th December to 25th December 2021. During this period, art works will be sold at FUMA Contemporary Tokyo I BUNKYO ART (closed on Sundays and Mondays), or via email application. Please note that if you are selected as a winner of the lottery cancellation will not be accepted . We will contact the winners via email by the 15th January 2022. Price lists will be sent upon request.

【 販売規約 】



申込用メール: fuma.con3@gmail.com
① ご希望作品:リストナンバーと作品タイトルをご記入ください
② お名前(日本の方以外は英・漢字表記両方)/お振込みの際の口座名義
③ ご住所(日本の方以外は英・漢字表記両方)
④ メールアドレス
⑤ お電話番号
⑥ SNS アカウント名
⑦ これまでに弊廊にて作品をお買い上げのお客様は、購入実績をご記入ください。(作家名と作品名)


[Terms of Sale]

•We do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges after the order is confirmed.
.Please apply only for the artwork you wish to purchase.
•Purchase can only be made by the buyer themselves. No proxy purchases. Proxy purchases will be canceled.
•Delivery date can not be specified.
• We do not take responsibility if you are unable to accept your order due to change of address or moving.
• Any fees due to long-term absence or refusal to accept orders will be paid at the costumer's expense. We do not take responsibility for any damages that may occur to the artwork during this period.
• We accept payments by cash or bank transfer.
• Terms of sale may be modified at any point without prior notice.

★Orders will be accepted if you provide following information via email:

•Artworks you wish to purchase
• Full name (Non-Japanese in both English and Chinese characters) -Account name for Bank transfer.
•Address and Postal code (Non-Japanese in both English and Chinese characters)
•e-mail address
•phone number
•SNS account:
•Please list the artworks (artwork titles and names of the artists) if you have purchased from us before.

Please send to : fuma.con3@gmail.com

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